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Mode of Action

During Treatment

Oral Dose:

200-250 mg (2.9 mg/kg in a 70 kg man) every 4 hours, solution and tablets available.

Side effects:

Retrovir syrupLow red blood cell coune (anemia);
muscle soreness and inflammation (myopathy);

abnormalities of liver function;
fingernail discolouration;

Can be taken with or without food, take with to minimse stomach discomfort


Drug interactions

Drugs that could interfere with renal excretion or hepatic blood flow may decrease AZT clearance and increase risk of toxicity. Drugs that are cytotoxic, nephrotoxic or myelosuppressive should be used with caution during AZT therapy since they may increase toxicity.
Fluconazole appears to interfere with the metabolism and clearance of AZT, it has been suggested that patients receiving concomitant AZT and fluconazole therapy be monitored closely.
Probenecid may produce substantially higher and prolonged serum concentrations of AZT
APAP or ibuprofen can both be used short term, as long as the patient is monitored closely.

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