How does Lavender oil work?

There are three main ways by which an essential oil can be absorbed into the body. They are skin absorption, inhalation and ingestion. The latter is mainly applicable to oils found in flavourings such as peppermint as it would be unwise to drink pure essential oils such as lavender. 

Lavender oil can be absorbed by the skin, as other oils can, because the molecules are relatively small. Evidence for this absorption is found in scientific analysis of perspiration, urine, and breath of a person who has recently been massaged with an essential oil.

The vapour of the oil can be inhaled and so the molecules can enter the body via the nostrils. Once the molecules have arrived in the body they reach nerve receptors and stimulate them. This triggers a reaction that results in activity in the brain. This has been observed through brain scans and other imaging techniques. Lavender has been shown by observation of brain scans to have a relaxing effect.


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