The chemistry of egg:

Egg is used for multiple purposes in our kitchen: mayonnaise, boiled egg (really useful for picnic), thickener for most the pastry and many other I cannot rememberů but did you realized that we never use egg in its original state (i.e.: liquid). So what are the physical modifications that have been applied to the egg during cooking?            


The egg is composed of the albumen which is the white part and the vitellus which is the yellow part. The albumen is surrounding the vitellus and contains proteins, which are long chain amino acids. The most important protein is ovalbumine (54 %), which is composed of four amino acid chains and water-soluble. The egg white is also composed of water and minerals and represent two third of the egg weight.


The other third of the egg is the vitellus is lees dense than the albumen (this is the reason why it  is always on the top of the egg) and composed of water (50 %), lipids (35 %) and proteins (15 %).


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