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General Vitamin Links

The 3D Structures of Vitamins

An excellent site with a lot of information, Roche Product Information was one of the main sources of material for this website.

Centrum Product Ingredients

Food Standards Agency Vitamins and Minerals

'National Institutes of Health' Facts about Dietary Supplements

Linus Pauling Institute Vitamins Page

Vitamins and Coenzymes Part I and Part II
UniversitÓ degli Studi di Brescia (University of Brescia) This site is particularly interesting for the more advanced chemist or biochemist wanting more detail on vitamins and biosynthesis.

Vitamins for Backpackers! - Aimed at quite a specific audience, but this website does have a comprehensive table of all the vitamins, their functions, and food sources.

National Library of Medicine definition of a vitamin and some information on each of the vitamins.

All About What Vitamins and Minerals Do.
A site by Kids Health, this is simple science and very entertaining for a young audience!

Specific Vitamin Links

Tryptophan - the absorption and fluorescence emission spectra.

Opinion of the Scientific Committee on Food on the Tolerable Upper Intake Level of Beta Carotene.
Not for light reading! - this article is an EC report and contains a lot of detail.
To view this document you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Ohio State University extension Fact Sheet, "Phytochemicals - Vitamins of the Future?"
An interesting fact sheet about phytochemicals, a relatively new area of study and currently very much in the public interest.

Food Standards Agency
The Linus Pauling Institute


Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi - An excellent site with tutorials and an A-Z listing of tags.
Annabella's HTML Help - A very good site for an introduction to HTML.

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