First Aid QUIZ:       



1). How can you recognise the onset of an attack?

                           a). Patient gets clammy skin and becomes short of breath

                           b). Patient suddenly gets a large appetite

                           c). Patient gets a headache and a rash, which doesn’t    

                                disappear when pressed with a glass


2). What factors commonly lead to an asthma attack?

                            a). Eating too many raisins

                            b). Swimming

                            c). Breathing in cold air


3). What do you do if someone is having an asthma attack?

                           a). Panic

                           b). Sit the patient in a comfortable upright position, be

                                calm and reassuring, and get them to take their blue

                                inhaler every 5-10 minutes.

                           c). Tell the patient to go get some fresh air


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