Alternative/Complementary Medicine:   

   Much of the modern day pharmacy is heavily based on naturally occurring substances.  Aspirin's origins come from Willow bark, and Atropine from belladonna found in nightshade and many plants.  The benefits that have been discovered from plants are almost incalculable, however, so are the dangers!

   Herbs in their natural state cannot be used as a source of drugs.  In this form they contain hundreds of other substances, which potentially have adverse side effects.  There is a large amount of controversy associated with herbal remedies.  In general the companies producing them have to undergo less stringent safety checks in comparison to the synthetic drug companies.  It is also the case that in some companies selling herbal supplements, use bias self-serving articles, and other unsubstantial claims to cure and treat aliments. 

   Listed below are a couple of the more widely accepted herbs used to treat asthma:

                                      bayberry                          sage

                                      bloodroot                         eucalyptus

                                      garlic                               cayenne

                                      peppermint                      chickweed

Asthma sufferers in places such as Jamaica also smoke cannabis, or drink cannabis tea at the onset of an attack! The chemicals in cannabis works in a similar way to much of the more conventional treatment by relaxing smooth muscle in the lungs, as well as having other effects!



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