Coping with MS

Many MS sufferers find it hard to cope with the fact that they have got the neurological disorder.  Typical reactions to finding out that one is a sufferer are depression, stress, low self-esteem and as a result, a change in sleeping pattern.  

People automatically assume that life will change drastically but depending upon the severity of the disease, life can still continue as normal. 


Sufferers can still continue with work.  The severity of the disorder can influence the type of work one can cope with but the majority of people can continue as normal.  It is found that people with the disorder do suffer from fatigue; therefore it may be necessary to work part time hours.  The MS Society is able to provide help in finding work for MS sufferers and provides support through the running of regional courses.


If work becomes difficult and sufferers have to leave, then financial help is available.  The MS society is able to provide details about financial help, contact on 0808 800 8000.

If any more information is required about coping with MS then please contact the MS Society.