UK Cannabis Trials

Evidence has shown that cannabis can be used to relieve some symptoms of MS, such as spasticity, bladder disturbance, pain and tremors.  Therefore from this evidence cannabis is shown to be useful drug in helping MS sufferers have a better quality of life.

Human bodies contain cannabis-like chemicals, which act at specific site in the nervous system.  Cannabis is therefore thought to be able to act upon these sites and as a result the above responses occur.  (The picture of cannabis is taken from drugs/graphical/

Cannabis has been used for the last 200 years for medical reasons and before the drug was reclassified as a schedule one drug in 1971, it was also used medically in the United Kingdom.  Recently there has been many debates as to whether the drug should be allowed to be used medically again due to the positive effects the drug has upon MS sufferers.  The House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology has recently recommended that the Government should allow the drug to be prescribed for medical circumstances.  

UK cannabis trials are now taking place to see the effect of the drug by looking at the relief of muscle spasticity in people who suffer from multiple sclerosis.  If trials prove to be successful then it looks likely that the government will reschedule cannabis from schedule one to schedule two type drugs, therefore allowing it to be used medically.