Undergraduate Web Projects 2003

These projects were all done by Level II Chemistry students in the 3 week period between taking their final exams and receiving their results, June 2003. They were written with minimal formal instructions - the students were just told to 'teach themselves how to write a web page, and write something interesting on a chemical or scientific theme'. The best (four) sites will be entered for the Royal Society of Chemistry ExemplarChem National Competition. The sites were judged on (i) Quality and quantity of scientific content, (ii) Design, and (iii) Internet awareness.

Note: These projects work best with Internet Explorer in Windows, since they were mostly written with MS Frontpage. If you use Netscape you may sometimes find a few strange formatting errors, or even crashes. Also, you may need the Chime plug-in to see the 3D molecular structures present on many of the pages. Some of the pages also require the Flash and Shockwave plug-ins.

The overall winner is:

Samantha Shanley     Carbon Allotropes    Wins the first prize (50)

These top 4 will also be invited to attend the award ceremony (free of charge) at the RSC headquarters in London in October 2003.

Samantha ShanleyCarbon Allotropes
Yin Nah TeoThe Chemistry of Fragrances
Christina BaeKorean Fermented Food
Joseph CookFundamentals of Crystallography

There may be 5 or 6 'exhibit-only' entries allowed to go the Prize-giving ceremony in London too, but these will be announced nearer the time...

The full list of projects submitted this year are:

Denny, Alexander SThe Chemistry of Creation and the Origins of Life
Moore, Jennifer AVitamin E
Freedman, ElizabethPlatinum
Archer, Christopher AOzone
Cook, Joseph PFundamentals of Crystallography
Davis, Peter RWilliam Burroughs and Junk
Tomlinson, Martha KAnti-Mosquito Page
Swinerd, Victoria MVan Der Waals
White, Gemma VPhotoreception
Lloyd, Stuart LThe Unusual Case of the Bulgarian brolly
McIntyre, Aaron CAlfred Nobel
Roberts, Zoe EChemistry of Swimming
Rupalia, Minal DThe Deterioration of Paper
Woodward, Hannah LAnti-Inflammatory Drugs
Ledlie, Nicholas JSolar Cells
Evitt, Andrew SThe Chemistry of CDR/RW Media
Hancock, Andrew EFormula One Tyres
Kemp, Roger DTime Travel
Howe, Nicola JCosmetic Chemistry
Cuss, Richard MA Brief History of Pi
Hails, Lauren AChemistry of Cholesterol
Hetherington, Nicola BJLighter than Air
The story of hot air balloons and airships
Ashby, Gregory PPrimo Levi the Chemist
Bae, Soo JKimchi Korean Fermented Food
Blackstone, Vivienne EStereochemistry of Drugs
Silvester, Debbie SVolcanic Chemistry
Williams, Peter JCarbon Nanotubes
Rogers, Theodora JThe World of Colour
Brown, Paul
Shanley, Samantha JCarbon Allotropes
Kenny, Michael RChemistry of Hair
Lee, DavidSupramolecular Chemistry
Leonard, Thomas RThe Chemistry of Brewing and Beer
Dennis, William AHolograms
Bateman, Lee LNOS, the Truth behind the Boost
Bennett, Catherine AWomen in Science
Catterall, Mary CRosalind Elsie Franklin and the Double Helix
Arbery, SianOleic Acid
Stoneley, Christopher JCSnake Venom
Teo, Yin NThe Chemistry of Fragrances
Tidswell, Nicholas THScanning Tunnelling Microscopy
(requires Shockwave)
Salmon, Henry The Chemistry of Coconuts
Lewis, AndrewChemical Weapons
Lim, Yee HThe World of Apples

Paul May, Chemistry Webmaster, June 2003.