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So now, presuming you have read the previous pages about cubane and are a cubane expert, it is time to put your knowledge to the test with this little quiz. Designed to test information from all of the previous pages, the following twelve questions are all multiple choice. Just check the box next to the answer you think is correct for each question, then click the button at the bottom to recieve your score. Good luck!

Hint: The check boxes next to each question number wil indicate the correctly answered questions once your score has been submitted.

1. In what year was cubane first synthesised?


2. Who was it that managed this synthesis?

       N B Chapman
       J C Barborak
       P E Eaton

3. What is the empirical formula of cubane?


4. What are the internuclear C-C-C bond angles within cubane?


5. Is cubane inert towards

       All of the above

6. Is cubane

       Non toxic
       Midly toxic
       Highly toxic

7. Since the synthesis of cubane has been simplified, it is now available in

       4 steps
       5 steps
       6 steps

8. Which cubane derivatives make excellent explosives?


9. Which properties of the above group of cubanes led the US Army to research them further?

       Their kinetic instability
       Their thermodynamic instability
       Their extremely low density

10. Cubanes substituted with which functional groups are pharmaceutically interesting?

       keto, cyano and amide
       keto, nitro and allyl
       cyano, benzyl and halide

11. And against which condition do these cubane derivatives show activity against?

       Parkinson's Disease
       Human Immunodeficiency Virus

12. Cubane comes from a family of highly strained ring systems, what is another example?

       Buckminster Fullerene


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