Undergraduate Web Projects 2006

These voluntary projects were all done by Level II Chemistry students in the 3 week period between taking their final exams and receiving their results, June 2006. They were written with minimal formal instructions - the students were just told to 'teach themselves how to write a web page, and write something interesting on a chemical or scientific theme'. It was run as a competition, with cash prizes for the first 3 sites. The sites were judged on (i) Quality and quantity of scientific content, (ii) Design, and (iii) Internet awareness.

Note: These projects work best with Internet Explorer in Windows, since they were mostly written with MS Frontpage. If you use Netscape you may sometimes find a few strange formatting errors, or even crashes. Also, you may need the Chime plug-in to see the 3D molecular structures present on many of the pages. Some of the pages also require the Flash and Shockwave plug-ins.

The winning projects were:

The full list of projects submitted this year are:

Bano, ChristopherSuperchemistry
Bellchambers, GregoryThe Importance of Chemistry
Bevan, HarryNanotechnology......using catenanes, rotaxanes and more...
Bi, BingjingPerfumes
Boyes, JaneThe Linus Pauling Timeline
Burden, RichardClopidogrel
Campbell, EmilyTamiflu
Casson, KevinThe Chemistry of Modern Flight
Cowlishaw, SarahAcetylcholine
Dowson, GeorgeRadical Chemistry (requires Flash)
Dyke, AmyHerceptin
Greeves, GarethStrychnine
Hamilton, DouglasMethods of Atmospheric Analysis
Hatch, MichaelHistamine - More than just a runny nose!
Kelly, DanielTamiflu
Lovelock, AmySodium benzoate
Ludlow, WilliamAspartame
Magee, ChristopherChemistry on the Screen
Moss, EdwardDimethylsulphoxide (DMSO)
Pulis, AlexAmphetamine
Truscott, BenjaminLow Temperature Superconductors
Wain, JonathanSuperhuman - The Possibility of Human Enhancement
Walters, AntonyBiodiesel

Paul May, Chemistry Webmaster, June 2006.