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Physical Properties


  • Molecular formula is C7H5NaO2.

  • Molecular Weight is 144.11 g mol-1.

  • Density is 1.44 g cm-3.

  • Melting point is greater than 573 K (300oC).

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  • Flash point is greater than 373 K (100oC).

  • Auto-ignition temperature is greater than 773 K (500oC).

  • White Powder or crystals.

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  • Weak organic acid because of the carboxyl group.

  • Hygroscopic.

  • It is soluble in water because it dissociates to form benzoic and sodium ions.

  • Solubility in water at 293K (20oC) is 63 g/100ml.

  • Dissolved in water it is a transparent colourless solution.

  • In addition to being soluble in water  it is also soluble in ether, chloroform  and fixed oils.





  Additional Information:
  • If a substance is hygroscopic it  means that it readily absorbs water from its surroundings.
  • The flash point is the lowest temperature that a liquid can form a mixture in air close to the surface of the liquid which is ignitable. The lower the flash point, the easier it is to set fire to the material.
  • The auto-ignition temperature is the lowest temperature at which a substance will spontaneously ignite without the use of a spark to aid it.
  • A carboxyl group is one in which a carbon atom is covalently bonded to two oxygen atoms. One of the oxygen's is double bonded to the carbon, and the other is also attached to a hydrogen atom.