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Congratulations if you have made it this far through my web page, now lets see how much attention you have been paying!!! Simply click on the answer you think is correct.


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Question 1

Who did not first dry distil gum benzoin?

a) Nostradamus

b) Vigenère

c) Wöhler

d) Ruscelli


Question 2

What E number is benzoic acid?

a) 201

b) 210

c) 211

d) 212

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Question 3

What is the melting point for sodium benzoate?

a) Greater than 573K

b) Greater than 373K

c) Greater than 773K

d) Greater than 873K


Question 4

Which synthesis of sodium benzoate is particularly environmentally friendly?


a) Oxidising naphthalene

b) Mixing toluene with nitric acid

c) Hydrolysing benzotrichloride

d) None of the above!

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Question 5

How long does it take for a small dose of sodium benzoate to completely leave the body?

a) 4 hours

b) 6 hours

c) 10 hours

d) 12 hours



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