"The sweet is never as sweet without the sour".

Vanilla Sky

It would be down significantly downplaying the impact of these technology's to say they may cause some slight problems.  After all Some bioethicists have proposed a global treaty to ban enhancement technologies as "crimes against humanity."   Others say that enhancements should only be available through national health services to avoid the rich getting hold of them more easily.

The main problem with enhancement technologies is they open up whole knew possibilities for discrimination.  For example there is the possibility it could create an enhancement divide with those who can afford to enhance themselves taking up all the positions of power and responsibility.  There may even become conflict between groups of enhanced people and "naturals".

Of course others argue that these problems are in fact nothing new and that society as a whole has already dealt with these problems.  They have a point, if you replace "enhanced" and "natural" with "black" and "white" or "male" and "female" the story suddenly becomes much more familiar.  However is the fact that with come through these struggles before a good enough reason to subject ourselves to the possibility of going through it all other again.

The biggest problem linked with human enhancement however is certainly the question of how it will affect are understanding of what it means to be human.  If you can achieve your hearts desire by simply taking a drug  you miss out on the experience of striving for success or dealing with failure.  Similarly if you can live to 150 when do you have kids? When do you start a career?  Without pain and disease could you truly know happiness?  Could we end up with a world full of identical people.  After all with enhancements individuality becomes a choice not a certainty?  If we modify the human race do we loose are humanity?  These eventualities may seem a long way off put if you keep postponing talking about them they can sneak up on you. 


Maybe the biggest question of all is:


Do we want to go down the road to an enhanced future, or do we put the brakes on and miss out on a world of opportunities?