"For hundreds of thousands of years are technologies have been aimed outwards, at modifying our environment.  Now we've got a suite of technologies that are aimed inward, at modifying our minds, metabolisms, personalities and children."

Joel Garreau


So which technologies will enable us to outpace evolution and become more than just homo sapiens?  In 2003 the President's Council on Bioethics, set up by George W. Bush to advise him on these issues compiled a list of real-world technologies that could in the near future be used to enhance humanity.  Below is a list of five possible technologies that ever already exist or are in the experimental stages that could hold the key to human enhancement:




The power to insert new genes into the human body, and perhaps someday into gametes and embryos.


Physical performance can be enhanced using drugs such as steroids.


Psychoactive drugs could alter are mood, memory, appetite, libido and attention.


This group involves replacing damaged body parts with natural organs, mechanical organs or tissues derived from stem cells.  It also, as the name suggests, that we may soon wire ourselves using computer chips planted into the body or the brain.


This is rather self explanatory, it's the idea that we may increase not only are average life expectancy but also the maximum human life expectancy.


An interesting fact is that these technologies are never designed to allow healthy people improve upon what nature gave them.  They were all designed to cure disease and disability.  Despite this they have the ability to go beyond their original brief and "alter the normal workings of the human body and psyche  - to augment or improve their native capacities and performances".

The development of new technologies that could have benefits for healthy people follow a set pattern.  See Below:


SICK PEOPLE                                            NEEDY WELL                                                    THE GENERAL PUBLIC (OR THOSE WHO HAVE MONEY)

Two good examples of therapies that have transcended their original job are Viagra and plastic surgery.  Nowadays Viagra is used as a recreational drug, meanwhile plastic surgery (which was developed to treat injuries or disfigurements) is being used by anyone who wants to look 30 at 50.