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Research at the Bristol Aerosol Research Centre is focussed on improving our understanding of the physical and chemical properties of aerosols at a single particle level. Particles are manipulated with light or charge and characterised by spectroscopy.

Experiments are studying processes that are relevant to aerosols in the atmosphere, in the delivery of drugs to the lungs and in spray drying.

BARC is based in recently refurbished laboratory and office space in the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol.
Latest News from BARC
October 28th 2014
Biral release for sale the commercial aerosol optical tweezers instrument that
has been under development for 15 months, supported by an EPSRC Impact
Acceleration Award. See the press release here.

September 29th 2014
Aleks Marsh and Rose Willoughby join the group as postgraduate students.

August 4th 2014
Bryan Bzdek joins the group as a post-doctoral research assistant. Bryan completed his PhD at the University of Delaware, USA.

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What are Aerosols?
Aerosols influence health, visibility, and climate and are used in the delivery of drugs to the lungs, the fabrication of nano-structures in spray drying, and the delivery of fuels.

Find out more about aerosols here.

More information on the research going on at BARC can be found  here.
The Research Group
Meet the post-doc researchers, graduate students and project students who work at BARC. Find out more here.
Bristol Aerosol Research Centre
School of Chemistry, University of Bristol, UK

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