Howlers of the week 2000-2001

D'ohThese are all genuine sentences and paragraphs that were written by students in their write-ups for the 2nd year practical on High Temperature Superconductivity. Remember that all spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and errors of logic are all entirely theirs, and have been reproduced exactly as they appeared on the student's script.

And here's a bonus one from the Theoretical Workshops...(remember spelling and grammar have been copied exactly).

Q. Compare what happens when you increase the energy in the CLASSICAL and SCHROD programs. Can you tie up the changes in the wavefunction in SCHROD with the changes in motion shown by CLASSICAL?

A. When the classical program for the same system is run and the results compared, there are only specific energy levels due to certain energies of photones of light so only the allowed energy levels are transmitted to become allowed energy levels.

Whereas the classical program is that the partical can exist anywhere. When the classical program is run compared to the schrod program when the energy is increased in the classical the partical moves a lot faster.

The Broylie eqn L/p=h, so energy increases of L gets smaller.

This is just happens.