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This site explains how the breast cancer treatment, Herceptin (registered trade mark), also known as Trastuzumab (generic name) works and for which type of breast cancer it is designed for. There is also more general information on the disease, including the issues concerning patients who receive the treatment and those who need it. (Also see the related links section).


The science involved here is explained from an A-level understanding of chemistry and biology, however where needed there are some external links which provide further information on various subject matter. Similarly there is a definitions page linked to most of the relevant words.


Herceptin: An Introduction

Herceptin is designed to block a protein receptor called HER2 (now sometimes termed Her2/neu) that is produced in excess amounts ('over expression') in some women with breast cancer. The type of cancer this is for is called metastatic cancer. It works to slow the advance of cancer and causes tumours to shrink.

Therapeutic mAb HerceptinTM binding to Her2 antigen


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