• The First Appearance Of Thalidomide
  • Some Effects Of Thalidomide
  • Isomerism, Optical Isomerism And Thalidomide
  • The Re-Emergence Of Thalidomide
  • Thalidomide - click for 3D Molfile

    For a long time the name Thalidomide has been associated with one of the most horrific medical accidents in history. Despite this, the drug may be set for a come back treating a whole new catalogue of conditions.

    This page aims to take a sensitive look at this extraordinary substance which has affected so many lives in so many ways. Looking forward, we see the events which have lead to the possibility of its reintroduction.

    Thalidomide is a molecule that exists as two optical isomers and so I will discuss the Chemistry of optical isomers with reference to Thalidomide in one part of this site.

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