My research focusses on the development of new methods and software for biomolecular simulation. I am particularly interested in developing novel Monte Carlo algorithms for sampling multiscale models, I have developed two major pieces of molecular simulation software; Sire, and ProtoMS. I use these programs to develop new methods to enhance the accuracy and precision of biomolecular simulations. I am currently developing new methods that allow for rapid Monte Carlo sampling of systems modelled using multiscale quantum mechanics / molecular mechanics (QM/MM) Hamiltonians, and am applying these ideas to the calculation of relative protein/ligand binding free energies, and to investigate the free energy profiles of enzyme-catalysed reactions. I am also working on improved methods of sampling protein conformational change during free energy simulations, and am developing a new method that uses the flexibility of Sire to calculate absolute binding free energies using the Gibbs Ensemble. Prior to this, I developed the RETI free energy method, which uses replica exchange moves to enhance sampling and reduce random error in relative free energy calculations.


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