Some Nice Links...

These are the main sites I’ve used in the production of this website. Many of the pictures used on this site were taken from these (and other) sites without permission, but if anyone has any copyright issues they wish to raise, please contact me.
Lots of information about bees, beekeeping, and bee research.

The National Honey Board (USA)
The National Honey Board (New Zealand)
The Internet Health Library’s bee venom therapy page.
A personal account of bee venom therapy, by an MS sufferer.
Isn’t it funny how a bear likes honey? Buzz, buzz, buzz! I wonder why he does.


These are the non-website references that I have used to research this site

• Encyclopaedia Britannica ‘99 CD-ROM
Many of the pictures on this site were taken without permission from here. Again, please contact me if you have any copyright issues to raise.
• Journal Articles
Wager and Breed, “Does Honeybee Alarm Pheromone Give Orientation Information to Defensive Bees”, Ann. Entomol. Soc. Am., 93(6): 1329-1332 (2000).
• Siess et al, “Flavonoids in Honey and Propolis”, J. Agric. Food Chem., 1996, 44, 2297-2301
Oda et al, “Sulfated sialic acid-polymers inhibit the cytotoxic action of bee and snake venom”, Glycoconjugate Journal, 16, 457-463 (1999).