Test yourself on the site contents with the following multiple choice quiz!

1) When was ibuprofen first introduced into the UK?
a) 1969
b) 1869
c) 1920

2) How many stereocentres does ibuprofen have?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2

3) What does COX stand for ?
a) carbon monoxide x-ray
b) citraloxidase
c) cyclooxygenase

4) The most frequent type of side effect associated with ibuprofen is?
a) gastrointestinal
b) skin irritation
c) drowsiness

5) Both the Boot and Hoechst syntheses of ibuprofen begin with which molecule?
a) pentafluorophenyl
b) trinitrotoluene
c) isobutylbenzene

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