Below are links to other web pages associated with carbon fibre, many of which have links on the other pages of this site :-

Vince Kelly's Carbon Fibre Home Page

  EUROPEAN Formula Racing Carbon Shop

  Polymers and Composites

  Carbon Fibre Micro Electrodes

  MATIT Flutebrothers

  Diamond Synthesis

  Fibre Lyte Material Specification

  Buckeyballs, Diamond and Graphite

  Absolute Web Graphics - used for some graphics on this page

This site would not have been possible without the above sites and also the following books :-

Basic Inorganic Chemistry 3rd Edition (F.A. Cotton, G. Wilkinson and P. Gaus)

Organic Chemistry 3rd Edition (K.P.C Vollhardt and N.E Schore)

The Modern Formula One Race Car (Nigel Macknight)

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