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About histamine

If you have an allergy, chances are you've heard of histamine. It is an amine produced by your body that is used to maintain homeostasis (the body's natural balance of chemicals, temperature, metabolic rates, etc). It is also a neurotransmitter and plays a role in your immune system by acting as a white cell director. Histamine imbalances in your body cause a variety of effects. Histamine shortage (Histapenia) causes effects ranging from heavy body hair growth (see photo, below, right) and headaches to anaphylactic shock and paranoia. Histamine abundance (Histadelia) in the body also causes a variety of effects ranging from the mundane (such as phobias, symptoms of seasonal allergies - such as runny nose, inflammation, soreness, etc - and an increased metabolism) to the serious (like chronic depression).

Sneezing...Various bacteria and virusesA guy with excessive back hair, maybe due to Histadelia