Booking NMR Instruments

NMR Facility Booking Sheets

Manual Jeol ECS300 in SCB L4

The Jeol ECS300 bookings are in 10 minute blocks between 8am and 7pm. It can then be used after 7pm for overnight experiments.
Low Temp NMR (down to -90C) can be run on the ECS300 before 2pm.
Low Temp should be booked in on the booking sheet 2 days in advance and an email sent to the NMR staff.

500MHz Instruments

The 500MHz bookings are in 30 minute blocks between 8am and 5pm.
Max time of 4 hours per user between 8am and 5pm and 6 hours per user overnight unless discussed with NMR staff.

600MHz and 700MHz Instruments

The Varian cryo600 and Bruker Micro Coil cryo700 are available to researchers in Chemistry. Samples are run by NMR staff or specific trained users.
Please discuss requirements with Dr Chris Williams or Paul Lawrence before using these instruments.

(The open access instruments (Bruker 400 , Jeol ECZ400, Jeol ECZ400-var, Jeol ECS400) do not need to be booked for normal use).