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A Si WaferA Microwave plasma used to Deposit Diamond FilmsMSc Physics of Advanced Semiconductor Materials

Plasmas and Plasma Processing

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Dr Paul May, S103A, email:

Prof Mike Ashfold, W312, email:

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This course consists of 4 lectures concerned with Plasma Processing of Semiconductor Materials. A rough outline of the lectures is:

  1. Plasmas and Plasma-Surface Interactions (Dr Paul May)
  2. Plasma Diagnostics: Optical Spectroscopy (Prof Mike Ashfold)
  3. Plasma Diagnostics: Mass Spectroscopy (Prof Mike Ashfold)
  4. Plasma Diagnostics: Electron Temperatures and Ion Energy Distributions (Dr Paul May)

Recommended textbook: 'Dry Etching for VLSI', A.J. van Roosmalen, J.A.G. Baggerman and S.J.H. Brader, (Plenum Press, New York, 1991) - available from the Chemistry Library.

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