Diamond Modification or Processing Equipment

laser cutting and machining system oxygen-etcher

An Oxford Lasers laser cutting and machining system for patterning diamond surfaces, drilling holes, and cutting substrates. It is fully programmable and can be loaded with CAD drawings from standard software.

The Terminator. A converted SEM sputter-coater now used to run gas plasmas of H2, O2, NH3, N2 and SF6 to facilitate chemical termination of diamond surfaces with H, O, NH2, N, or F, respectively. It only takes about 10 s in this system to terminate a diamond surface evenly and uniformly. With O2, it can also be used to effectively etch a diamond surface.


An Edwards Evaporator for evaporating thin films (nm) of various metals. This can be for making metal-oxide terminations, or for simply making electrical contacts.

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