CVD Diamond Deposition Reactors

Undoped HFCVD reactor B-doped HFCVD reactor

HF Reactor 1 - a small hot filament CVD diamond reactor for studies of unusual gas chemistries and n-type doping. This is limited to substrate areas of about 1 cm2, and has a diamond growth rate around 0.5 μm h-1. But it is a very cheap, flexible and reliable reactor suitable for proof-of-principle experiments and trying out novel ideas.

HF Reactor 2 - another small hot filament CVD diamond reactor dedicated for depositing B-doped diamond films using diborane as the B supply. This reactor is also limited to substrate areas of about 1 cm2, and also has a diamond growth rate around 0.5 μm h-1. The B content of the films can be controlled between 1018 and 1021 cm-3, which is from lightly semiconducting to near-metallic conductivity.

Thomas Swan HFCVD reactor MW CVD reactor
'The Toaster' - a larger hot filament reactor which can either deposit onto large area single wafers up to 4" in diameter, or can be converted to deposit diamond onto wires and fibres. The machine was originally designed by the company Thomas Swan, but has been modified substantially since then. In large-area mode, the wafer is held vertically close to multiple spring-loaded tungsten filaments. In wire mode, it holds two filaments, each of which is surrounded by 30-40 tungsten wires (10 cm long) whch can be simultaneously coated in diamond. In both modes, the growth rate is still only 0.5 μm h-1, but it is fully interlocked so it can be left running continuously for many days allowing diamond film thicknesses of 100 μm to be deposited.

MW Reactor 1 - a 1.5 kW microwave PECVD reactor with 2 interchangeable chambers. The substrate area is about 2 cm2 and this reactor can grow diamond at up to 20 μm h-1. One chamber is for undoped diamond deposition, the other is for B-doped diamond.

MW CVD reactor The 'Minion' DC plasma reactorRipples in the DC plasma

MW Reactor 2 - a 2 kW microwave plasma system for plasma diagnostic studies. This has been donated to us by Element Six and set up to allow interrogation of the plasma and dark-space via various forms of emission and laser spectroscopy.

The 'Minion' - a DC plasma deposition system for growing large-area (6") polycrystalline diamond wafers.

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