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Dan Giernalczyk


Dan graduated from the University of Bristol in 2016 with an MSci in Chemistry, having spent his final year project supervised by Prof. V K Aggarwal on the stereocontrolled synthesis of saturated N-heterocycles with alkyl potassium trifluoroborate salts. His third year was spent on industrial placement at Schlumberger, Cambridge, where he worked on the rheological properties of hydrolysed polyacrylamides (HPAMs) for use in enhanced oil recovery.

MSci in Chemistry, University of Bristol, 2012-2016

Current Work:
Pd catalysed formation of polyheterocycles

Football, running, music, “putting my start bar in weird places”

Flow of concentrated viscoelastic polymer solutions in porous media: effect of MW and concentration on elastic turbulence onset in various geometries. A. M. Howe, A. Clarke, D. Giernalczyk, Soft Matter2015, 11, 6419-6431