School of Chemistry
Booker-Milburn Group




Welcome to our alumni pages.




Dr Paul Koovits

Dr Laura Totterdell

Dr Stephen Cooper

Dr Katie Maskill

Dr Rickki Connelly

Dr Nick Barron

Dr Joe Wrigglesworth

Dr Kara Cubbage

Dr Marc Hutchby

Dr Chris Houlden

Dr Chris Bailey

Dr Jennifer Slaughter

Dr Claudio Roscini

Dr Marcus Medley

Dr Caroline Grainger

Dr Piers Taylor

Dr Paul Hickford

Dr Michael Lainchbury

Dr Scott Borthwick

Dr David Davies

Dr Ben Hook



Other previous group members include: Ashfaq Qureshi (PhD), Wolfgang Dohle (PDRA), Gregory Bar (PDRA), Meriel Kimberley (PDRA), Graham Sibley (PDRA), Paul Hirst (PDRA), Hugh Britton (PhD), Leo Dudin (PhD), Leighton Jones (PhD), Paul Wood (PhD), Christine Grew (PhD), Dominic Guly (PhD), Helen Jenkins (PhD), Dhiren Patel (PhD), Emma Brennand (PhD), Jamie Baker (PhD), Rebecca Gillan (PhD), Ashley Parker (PhD).