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Nick Barron



Nick graduated from Bristol in 2009 having completed his final year research project with Prof Chris Willis on the synthesis of isotopically labelled amino acids. He spent his 3rd year on placement for KuDOS pharmaceuticals and Astrazeneca working on a late stage oncology project. During his first 6 months in the DTC, Nick conducted studies in iron-catalysed reactions and 3D structural analysis using NOESY/ROESY techniques. Nick is now conducting his PhD project under the guidance of Prof. Roger Alder FRS, Dr. Stephen Thomas and Prof. Kevin Booker-Milburn.

Degree: MSci. Hons. Chemistry with Industrial Experience, University of Bristol, 2005-2009.

Current Work: Development of novel [6+4] cycloaddition reactions towards highly unsaturated 10-membered rings and the physical-organic investigation of cyclophanes.


Dr Stephen Thomas: Synthesis of low valent Iron complexes and subsequent studies towards the reduction of styrenes.

Dr Craig Butts: Structure determination of rigid molecules using nuclear Overhauser enhanced spectroscopy.

AstraZeneca: Medicinal Chemist August 2007-August 2008


Hobbies: Cycling, Travel, Food.

Publications: Interproton Distance Determinations by NOE - surprising accuracy and precision in a rigid organic molecule, Butts C. P., Jones C. R., Towers E. C., Flynn J. L., Appleby L. and Barron N. J., Org. Biomol. Chem.2011, 9 (1), 177 - 184. DOI.