Bristol Centre for Colloid and Interface Science

Surfactants at the oil/water interface Colloid and interface science is concerned with particles, droplets and bubbles dispersed in bulk phases, and the properties of the interfacial regions around and within them. Colloids are all around us, from blood, milk and chocolate to cosmetics and aerosols and can come in a variety of sizes and shapes. More or less any 'liquid' that you cannot see through completely is likely to be a colloidal dispersion. Not only are colloids and interfaces important in everyday life, they have a tremendous variety of industrial applications both in formulations and in controlling chemical reactions, can also be used to create soft electroactive materials for light energy conversion and storage. In addition to the above, they can reveal secrets of atoms and molecules, and it may be said that colloids are the fruit flies of statistical mechanics.

The Bristol Centre for Colloid and Interface Science has a uniquely distinguished history in the development of Colloidal science in the UK , and continues to enjoy a leading role in colloid science internationally. It has particularly close links to industry through the academic support of studentship and fellowships. More applied work with industry is led by the Bristol Colloid Centre which undertakes both contract and research work.

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We have a number of PhD openings, while potential post docs should see specific adverts in the academic press or online.