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Due to the wide range of properties of PVC , this plastic has a large number of applications:

Medical applications:

PVC is flexible, strong, durable even under changing temperatures and conditions. It is safe i.e non-toxic, is chemically stable, is highly biocompatible with tissue/blood, is clear and transparent so is used for blood bags and intravenous containers. PVC products can also be easily sterilized e.g with steam or radiation. PVC is also low cost and provides many uses in hospitals such as in flooring of operating theatres and mattress covers as is easy to clean and hygenic.

Electical applications:

PVC has good insulating properties, it is flexible and durable and is resistant to aggressive environments so is a suitable insulating and sheathing material for wiring and cables used in household goods such as fridges and cookers and also office equipment such as computers and photocopiers. Also wires can be made from PVC in a range a colours which is important for identification purposes.

Vehicle applications:

The use of PVC in vehicle components reduces the weight of the vehicle hence reduces fuel consumption and so conserves fossil fuels. PVC also increases design freedom and increases safety of the vehicle by providing shock-absorbing parts such as airbags and also fire retardant properties.

Building and Construction applications:

PVC resists corrosion and weathering and so has many outdoor uses such as water butts, window frames, mud flaps, water pipes and garden furniture. PVC is also tough and doesn't crack and can easily be shaped so can be produced as fibre, foam or film.


PVC is non-toxic, tough and durable and products can be made in a variety of colours providing the perfect material to make toys with.

Other slightly unusual applications of PVC include orthopaedic PVC shoes for lame cows and as a material to reconstruct Saint Lambert cathedral, an ancient structure, in the centre of Leige.