Laser Raman Spectroscopy

We have a 3-colour laser Raman spectrometer from Renishaw, using funding from the EPSRC JREI scheme. This allows the quality of the diamond and DLC (and other films) to be assessed using green (514 nm), UV (325 nm) and IR (785 nm) wavelengths. The machine can also perform line scans, and Raman imaging. Powder and liquid samples can also be analysed, as well as remote samples using a fibre optic link to the microscope. Some images of the new system can be seen below. We have recently used this system to obtain Raman spectra for many of the smaller diamondoids.

LRS Back view of the machine showing the 3 lasers.

LRS Front view of the LRS system.

LRS Front view of the machine.

LRS Front view with lid open, showing internal optics.

LRS Close up of the internal optics.