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June 2015
matt burns
Reaxys Prize 2015
- Matt Burns has been selected as one of 45 finalists (out of 450 submissions worldwide) for the 2015 Reaxys PhD Prize. As part of this process, Matt has been invited to the Reaxys PhD Prize Symposium being held in Hong Kong on September 7-8 at which the winners will be announced.
May 2015
26th SCI Postgraduate Symposium on Novel Organic Chemistry
- Congratulations to Marcin for winning first prize for the best oral presentation on his work entitled ‘transition metal-free couplings of secondary and tertiary boronic esters’ at the 26th SCI Postgraduate Symposium on Novel Chemistry
May 2015
chris b
Organic and Biological Section 3rd Year Postgraduate Symposium
- Congratulations to Chris for coming as runner up
April 2015
Organic and Biological Section, Syngenta-sponsored Poster Competition
chris s
- Congratulations to Christopher for coming as runner up in the Organic and Biological Section, Syngenta-sponsored Poster Competition
- Congratulations to Ana for winning the Participants’ Prize in the Organic and Biological Section, Syngenta-sponsored Poster Competition
September 2014
Group reports in Nature: Assembly-line synthesis of organic molecules with tailored shapes.
- Congratulations to Matthew Burns, Stéphanie Essafi, Sébastien Balieu.
- more details
September 2014
Dr. Amadeu Bonet won the prestigious Young Boron Chemistry Award from young scientists (up to 35 years) in recognition of the most interesting contributions to all diverse branches of boron chemistry in the International Meeting of Boron Chemistry (IMeBoron XV) which took place in Prague in August 2014. The criteria used in the selection process for the award are creativity, innovation and quality of presentation. The award is sponsored by ANACOR Pharmaceuticals.
August 2014
Congratulations to Matt Hesse and Matt Burns whose PhD theses each received a "Faculty of Science Commendation for Excellence in a Doctoral Thesis". Only 5-10% of PhD theses are recognised in this way, so well done to both.
Group reports in Angewandte Chemie: Highly Diastereoselective and Enantiospecific Allylation of Ketones and Imines using Borinic Esters: Contiguous Quaternary Stereogenic Centers.
- congrats Jack.
- more details
July 2014
Group reports in Angewandte Chemie: Stereocontrolled Synthesis of 1,5-Stereogenic Centers through Three-Carbon Homologation of Boronic Esters.
- congrats Philipp and Daniele.
- more details
June 2014
Congratulations to Johnathan Matlock for winning first prize at the poster presentation at the 3rd Royal Society of Chemistry Younger Members Symposium held at the University of Birmingham on 24-th june.

May 2014
Group reports in Nature Chemistry: Synthesis of hydroxyphthioceranic acid using a traceless lithiation-borylation-protodeboronation strategy.
- congrats Ramesh.
- more details
April 2014
Group reports in Nature Chemistry: Enantiospecific coupling of secondary & tertiary boronic esters.
- congrats Amadeu, Marcin, Daniele, Stephanie.
- more details
Group reports in Angewandte Chemie: Highly Selective Allylborations of Aldehydes Using α,α-Disubstituted Allylic Pinacol Boronic Esters.
- congrats Matthew, Stéphanie, Charlotte, Jeremy, David and Christine.
- more details
March 2014
Group reports in Angewandte Chemie: Stereocontrolled Synthesis of Adjacent Acyclic Quaternary-Tertiary Motifs and its Application to a Concise Total Synthesis of (−)-Filiformin.
- congrats Daniel, Catherine, Katherine.
- more details
Group reports in Angewandte Chemie: Short Stereoselective Synthesis of the Phytophthora Universal Mating Hormone α1 Using Lithiation/Borylation Reactions.
- congrats Alexander, Philipp.
- more details
November 2013
Group reports in JACS: Synthesis of Enantioenriched Tertiary Boronic Esters by the Lithiation/Borylation of Secondary Alkyl Benzoates.
- congrats Alexander, Daniel, Eva.
- more details
September 2013
Dr. Amadeu Bonet, a Marie Curie Fellow from Prof. Varinder Aggarwal's group, won the prize for the best oral presentation at Euroboron 6 in Poland in September 2013. He described a new method for stereospecific coupling of secondary and tertiary boronic esters.

EuroBoron, is a triennial series of European Conferences on Boron Chemistry, and has quickly established itself as one of the primary meetings on the subject. The scope of the meeting include all aspects of the chemistry of boron, including methodology, materials and medicinal chemistry.
July 2013
Group reports in JACS: Practical and Highly Selective Sulfur Ylide-Mediated Asymmetric Epoxidations and Aziridinations Using a Cheap and Readily Available Chiral Sulfide: Extensive Studies To Map Out Scope, Limitations, and Rationalization of Diastereo- and Enantioselectivities.
June 2013
Sven Fritz received a Faculty of Science postgraduate commendation for his PhD thesis. Only 10% of PhDs receive such recognition in the faculty and he follows on the heels of Graeme Coulthard and Ben Partridge who also received commendations in each of the previous years. Well done Sven.
- more details
April 2013
Congratulations to Johnathan Matlock for securing first prize from Syngenta Poster Competition held at Bristol University on April 24, 2013.

March 2013
Group reports in JACS: Highly Diastereo-and Enantioselective Allylboration of Aldehydes using α-Substituted Allyl/Crotyl Pinacol Boronic Esters via in situ Generated Borinic Esters.
- congrats Chen, Scott, Hesse, Willis.
- more details
Group reports in Angewandte Chemie: Stereoselective Total Synthesis of (+)-Giganin and Its C10 Epimer by Using Late-Stage Lithiation–Borylation Methodology.
- congrats Fletcher, Wheelhouse.
- more details
Dec 2012
Group reports in Angewandte Chemie: Enantioselective Synthesis and Cross-coupling of Tertiary Propargylic Boronic Esters Using Lithiation-Borylation of Propargylic Carbamates.
- congrats Benjamin, Laëtitia, Matthew & Alexander.
- more details
Group reports in Angewandte Chemie: Diastereo-divergent Synthesis of Trisubstituted Alkenes through Protodeboronation of Allylic Boronic Esters: Application to the Synthesis of the Californian Red Scale Beetle Pheromone.
- congrats Matthew, Craig & Christine.
- more details
Sep 2012
Sven Fritz won the prize for "Best Postgraduate Oral Presentation" at the 27th Postgraduate Symposium of the RSC Heterocyclic and Synthesis Group held at GSK in Stevenage.

Aug 2012
Group reports in Nature: stereocontrolled organocatalytic synthesis of prostaglandin PGF in just seven steps.
- congrats Graeme & William.
- highlighted in Synfacts, News section of Nature & Totally Synthetic"
- leading news story in C&EN News
- more details
June 2012
Congratulations to Chun Chen who has been selected to take part in "Roche Continents - Youth! Arts! Science!" He is one of 100 students from across Europe who is invited to Salzburg in August.

May 2012
Cath Fletcher and Helen Scott won the 1st and 2nd prizes for final year Ph.D. talk in the Organic and Biological section in the department. Well done!

Apr 2012
Many congratulations to Varinder, who has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society! See the Royal Society website for the citation.

Apr 2012
Sven Fritz wins a runner-up prize at the 23rd Regional(South) Postgraduate Symposium on Novel Organic Chemistry organised by the SCI, for his talk "Bromoethylsulfonium Triflate: Tale of an Annulation Agent". Well done!

Apr 2012
The group reports the synthesis of enantioenriched tertiary boronic esters from secondary allylic carbamates: application to the synthesis of C30 Botryococcene in JACS (pdf, 1.47mb). Congratulations to Alex!

March 2012
Congratulations to Matt Burns and Stefan Roesner for winning the prizes for the second year Ph.D. poster competitions in Organic and Biological section in the School of Chemistry. Well done!

Dec 2011
Congratulations to Cath Fletcher for securing the best poster prize on her synthesis of giganin at the conference on 'Recent Advances in Synthesis and Chemical Biology' held at University College, Dublin.

Oct 2011
The group reports a new class of secondary alkyl organometallic-type reagents based on simple boronic esters in JACS. (pdf 1.2mb) They react with a range of electrophiles with inversion. The paper was highlighted in Nature Chemistry. (pdf, 706kb) Well done Robin and Tim!

Oct 2011
The group reports the total synthesis of (+)-erogorgiaene and each of its diastereoisomers (4 in total) using lithiation–borylation methodology in JACS. (pdf 1.2mb) Congratulations to Tim, Stefan and Ravi!

Sept 2011
Dr. Ben Partridge joins Prof. John Hartwig in Berkeley for a post doctoral position.

July 2011
Congratulations to Muhammad Arshad who has been appointed as an Assistant Professor at the University of the Punjab, in Lahore. Muhammad Arshad’s Ph.D. work and poster prize was highlighted in National Newspapers in Pakistan on 31st May 2011, and in HEC's monthly magazine. (jpg). Well done Muhammad!

July 2011
Chun Chen receives the 2011 ICIQ summer school award from Institut Català d'Investigació Química, Spain. Well done Chun!

July 2011
Gayle Hallett receives the 2011 Bristol ChemLabS Postgraduate Teaching Prize. Many congratulations!

June 2011
The group welcomes a new Ph.D. student - Maziar Mohiti, and visiting students - Eva Torres, Juan Francesco Moya and Jason Hui.

May 2011
The group welcomes two new Ph.D. students - Johnathan Matlock and Phillip Unsworth, and a visiting student - Irantzu Couto.

May 2011
Graeme Coulthard (3rd year Ph.D.) wins first prize for best final year Ph.D. talk in the Organic and Biological section in the department. Well done Graeme!

Mar 2011
We report the stereospecific construction of quaternary centers from tertiary boronic esters with >99:1 e.r. in Angewandte. (pdf, 317kb) Article selected by the referees as a VIP

Paper also selected for front issue cover! Many congratulations to Ravi, Vishal, Kostas, Robin and Helen for this great team effort!

Jan 2011
The prepartion of C-tertiary amines with >98% ee is reported in Angewandte Chemie through the sequence involving lithiation-borylation-amination. (pdf, 296kb) Well done Viktor and Tim.

Dec 2010
Graeme Coulthard (3rd year Ph.D.) wins the "People's Prize" and Helen Scott (2nd year Ph.D.) wins first prize at the Bristol Pfizer Poster Symposium!

Nov 2010
We reported the stereoselective protodeboronation of tertiary boronic esters to give tertiary arylalkanes in >96% ee in JACS (pdf, 568kb). Good work Stefan, Ravi and Tim!

Oct 2010
The new Aggarwal Group web site is online!

Aug 2010
The group reports the total synthesis of solandelactone E via lithiation-borylation-allylation sequence as the key step in Angewandte (pdf, 341kb). Well done Anna! Paper highlighted on Totally Synthetic.

June 2010
The group reports new reaction conditions allowing for full chirality transfer in conversion of secondary alcohols into tertiary boronic esters and alcohols using lithiation–borylation reactions in Angewandte (pdf, 362kb). Well done Ros and Viktor!

May 2010
The group reports in JACS subtle issues related to the selectivity in S-ylide cyclopropanation reactions and their implications towards other related cyclopropanations (pdf, 745kb). Congratulations to Samantha, Chandreyee, Noelia, Emma and Eoghan.

May 2010
Anna Robinson receives the 2nd prize in 3rd year departmental post-graduate research talks. Well done Anna!

May 2010
A paper on the asymmetric synthesis of allylsilane appears in Angewandte (pdf, 347kb). Good work Michael and Fang! Paper highlighted in Totally Synthetic.

April 2010
Muhammad Arshad wins the Best Poster Award at the RSC South West Regional Meeting in Bath. Congrats!

April 2010
Varinder appears on TV! Have a look.

March 2010
A lithiation-borylation/aldehyde allylboration paper is published in JACS (pdf, 303kb). Congratulations to Martin, Adeem, José and Stephen!

Jan 2010
A paper describing Sulfur ylide-mediated epoxidation/aziridination including the synthesis of quinine and quinidine was published in JACS (pdf, 332kb). Congrats to Ona, Muhammad, Abel and Eoghan! Paper highlighted in C&E News and Chemistry World.

Jan 2010
Matt Webster joins Prof. A. Fürstner for a post doctoral position.

Dec 2009
Mike Shaw joins Prof. K. C. Nicolaou for a post doctoral position.

Oct 2009
Varinder receives a European Research Council Advanced Grant.

Sep 2009
Varinder receives the 2009 SCI Process Chemistry Award sponsored by GSK, Pfizer, and AZ.

Jun 2009
Ros French receives Best Poster Award in departmental Pfizer poster competition. Well done Ros.

May 2010
Mike Shaw is awarded a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar Fellowship to join Prof. K. C Nicolaou at Scripps. Well done!

May 2009
Jonathan Killen is awarded best Ph.D. talk in the organic chemistry section. Congratulations.

May 2009
Varinder receives the RSC Stereochemistry Award 2009.

May 2009
The group reports the concept of assembly line synthesis (multiple additions of lithiated carabamtes) in Angewandte (pdf, 296kb). Paper selected for inside cover and highlighted in Synfacts. Congrats to Matt and Guillaume!