PhD and MSc Theses

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  1. pdf Paul W May, PhD, "The Energies of Ions, Electrons and Neutrals in Reactive Ion Eching Plasmas", June 1991.

  2. thesisRoland S. Tsang, PhD, "Characterisation of the Gas-Phase Environment in a Hot Filament Diamond Chemical Vapour Deposition Chamber Using Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry", August 1997.

  3. thesisStuart M. Leeds, PhD, "Characterisation of the Gas-Phase Environment in a Microwave Plasma Enhanced Diamond Chemical Vapour Deposition Reactor using Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry", June 1999.

  4. Steve A. Redman, PhD, "Spectroscopic Studies of the Diamond Chemical Vapour Deposition Environment", July 1999.

  5. Robert J. Lade, PhD, "Pulsed Ultraviolet Laser Ablation of Carbon Containing Targets", November 1999.

  6. Marcus A. Elliott, MSc, "Microwave Chemical Vapour Deposition of Diamond using Methane-Carbon Dioxide gas Mixtures", January 2000.

  7. Ming-Tsun Kuo, PhD, "Field Emission and Annealing Studies of n-Type Doped Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon Films", July 2001.

  8. thesisM.N. Latto, PhD, "The Electrochemistry of Diamond", September 2001.

  9. thesisFrederick Claeyssens, PhD, "Fundamental Studies of Pulsed Laser Ablation", December 2001.

  10. thesisJames A. Smith, PhD, "Laser Diagnostics of a Diamond depositing Chemical Vapour Deposition gas-phase environment", May 2002.

  11. thesisJames R. Petherbridge, PhD, "Diagnostics of Microwave Activated Novel Gas Mixtures for Diamond Chemical Vapour Deposition", July 2002.

  12. thesisGustavo Pastor-Moreno, PhD, "Electrochemical Applications of CVD Diamond", July 2002.

  13. pdf Sean R.J. Pearce, PhD, "The Synthesis and Characterisation of Carbon Phosphide", Sept 2003.

  14. pdf Andrew Cheesman, PhD, "Investigations into the fundamentals of gas-phase and gas-surface chemistry prevalent in growth of Chemical Vapour Deposited diamond films", July 2006.

  15. pdf Jacob Filik, PhD, "Fundamental Studies on the Deposition and Characterisation of Novel Diamond-like Materials", Sept 2006.

  16. pdf Edward Crichton, PhD, "Construction of a Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer for In-Situ probing of a Diamond Chemical Vapour Deposition Environment", June 2007.

  17. pdf Li Yang, PhD, "Self-Assembly and Ordering Nanomaterials by Liquid-Phase Pulsed Laser Ablation", November 2007.

  18. pdf Jie Ma, PhD, "Exploration of the gas phase chemistry in microwave activated plasmas used for diamond chemical vapour deposition", June 2008.

  19. pdf Oliver Fox, PhD, "Deposition of nanocrystalline diamond films by MW plasma CVD and Gas-phase diagnostics using in-situ molecular-beam mass spectrometry and emission spectroscopy", August 2011.

  20. pdf Tomas Martin, PhD, "Lithium-oxygen termination as a negative electron affinity surface on diamond: a computational and photoemission study", July 2011.

  21. pdf James C. Richley, PhD, "Fundamental studies of diamond chemical vapour deposition: Plasma diagnostics and computer modelling", November 2011.

  22. pdf Ben Truscott, PhD, "An optical emission spectroscopic study of laser-induced Zn and ZnO plasma", March 2013.

  23. pdf Raquel M.A. Vaz, PhD, "Studies of the secondary electron emission from diamond films", September 2013.

  24. pdf Mark Kelly, PhD, "Laser diagnosis and computer modelling of C/H/O and C/H/N plasmas used in diamond chemical vapour deposition", March 2014.

  25. pdf Monika Allen, PhD, "Fabrication of diamond-based microplasma devices", May 2014.

  26. pdf M. Zamir Othman, PhD, "Studies of n-type doping and surface modification of CVD diamond for use in thermionic applications", June 2014.

  27. pdf W. Jeff Rodgers, PhD, "Multi-scale modelling of diamond grown via chemical vapour deposition", September 2014.

  28. pdf Sarah Halliwell, PhD, "Characterisation of co-doped CVD diamond for potential thermionic applications", January 2017.

  29. pdf Xian Zhang, PhD, "Investigation of heavily boron doped diamond thin film for electronic devices", March 2017.

  30. pdf Hugo Domínguez Andrade, PhD, "Work function modification studies for energy applications: from surface chemical functionalisation to plasmonic tuning", November 2017.

  31. pdf Alex Croot, PhD, "Boron and nitrogen in diamond: an ab initio simulation, plasma emission spectroscopy and material deposition & characterisation study", June 2018.