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Professor Terence Cosgrove

Terence Cosgrove
Address: Office number: S007
School of Chemistry Telephone: (+44) (0)117 928 7663
University of Bristol Fax: (+44) (0)117 925 0612
Cantock's Close Email: Terence.Cosgrove@bristol.ac.uk
Bristol BS8 1TS  
United Kingdom Teaching

Current projects | Qualifications | Awards and Prizes

Professor Terence Cosgrove's work focuses on the application of polymers surfactants and colloids in a wide variety of systems of practical interest.
The main techniques used to probe these systems include NMR, scattering and simulation methods to probe details on the molecular level and rheology and general surface techniques to explore bulk proprieties.

Current projects include:



B.Sc. [1970]
M.Sc. [1971]
Ph.D. [1973]
D.Sc. [1991]


Awards and Prizes

2005       Winner of the University Enterprise Competition
2004       Founder's Lecture : Society of Chemical Industry
1999       University of Bristol Research Fellowship
1997       Inside Cosmetics 'Best Lecturer Award' 1997
1996       Royal Society of Chemistry Colloid and Interface Science Group Medal
1991       Mobay Lecture University of Pittsburgh