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Previous students

This page is intended to give an idea of work that has been carried out by previous members of the group. It does not therefore claim to be up to date, or even complete!
Please allow for the fact that many pages are the same as they were before the person in question left the group.

Left the group in 2011

Joanne Rowe Joanne Rowe - Synthesis of Magnetic Nanoparticles

Ben Cheesman Ben Cheesman - Development of Curable Materials for Medical Applications

Sairoong Muangpil Sairoong Muangpil - Characterisation of Filled Polymers

Deborah Durbin Deborah Durbin (Visiting Student from Canada)

Left the group in 2010

Beth Foster Beth Foster - Multifunctional Polymers

Left the group in 2009

Haruna Musa Haruna Musa - Synthesis, Characterisation and Application of Linear and Star Polymers of Poly(Styrene Sulfonate)

Joel Manuvelpillai Joel Manuvelpillai - Revolymer

Voss Gibson Voss Gibson - Developing an Easily Removable Chewing Gum

Jirut Wattoom Jirut Wattoom - The AFM lasso- a new analytical tool for sequencing single polymer molecules

Left the group in 2008

Erol Hasan Erol Hasan - Synthesis Post-Doc

Andrew Woodward Andrew Woodward

Block copolymers at Oil-Water Interfaces

Yan Zhang Yan Zhang

Clay-polymer composites

Marlitt Quintero Marlitt Quintero

Nanoparticles as antifoam agents

Charlie Flood Charlie Flood

Polymer and surfactant adsorption at solid/liquid interfaces with relevance to detergents

Left the group in 2007

Chau Chan Chau Chan

Particle Characterisation Using NMR Diffusometry and Scattering Techniques

Melissa Sharp Melissa Sharp

Using NMR to study the diffusion of drugs in heterogeneous media

Left the group in 2006

Dong Qiu Dong Qiu

Colloid and Polymer interactions

Victor Rodin Victor Rodin

NMR in study of intermolecular interactions and structure of polymer solutions and films

Left the group in 2005

Cecile Dreiss Cecile Dreiss Small-angle scattering

Wirach Taweepreda Wirach Taweepreda Studies of Inclusion Complexes of Polymer with Cyclodextrins

Stuart Hicks Stuart Hicks Investigating the generation, characterisation and structure of biliquid foams

Left the group in 2004

Vania Croce Vania Croce Surfactants and Porous media

Natalie Benton Natalie Benton Siloxane Resins and Siloxane Resin/Siloxane Polymer Blends

Left the group in 2003

Mathias Lundgren Mathias Lundgren Molecular Modelling of Basic Interactions in Fine Chemical Formulations

Eloise Stattersfield Eloise Stattersfield Adsorption and Complexation of Nano-colloids with Gels

Andy Nelson Andy Nelson Adsorption of Polyelectrolytes at the Clay/Water Interface

Antigoni Messaritaki Antigoni Messaritaki The Transport Properties of Small Molecules: the Effects of their Shape and Environment

Nicola Nugent Nicola Nugent Adjvants for Agrochemicals

Left the group in 2002

Kevin Jack Kevin Jack Solid state NMR

Julie Joseph Julie Joseph Polyrotaxanes

Joung-Yoon Choi Joung-Yoon Choi Polymer Degradation

Lucie Garreau Lucie Garreau Polymer Surfactant Interactions

Tania Garasanin Tania Garasanin Emulsion Systems

John Marshall John Marshall Polyelectrolyte/Gelatin Interactions

Nilia Romero Nilia Romero Structure and Properties of Core-Shell Gel Particles

Left the group in 2000

Nadine Jenkins Nadine Jenkins (nee Hatto) Cross linking in water soluble polymers

Claire Roberts Claire Roberts Dispersions

Mark Warne Mark Warne Molecular Modelling

Andrew Flower Andrew Flower Confined Polymers

Dr Susanna Abrahmsen-Alami Dr Susanna Abrahmsen-Alami Transport and Interactions in Drug Delivery Systems

Left the group in 1999

John Hone John Hone Gelatin Interfacial Layers

Robin Wesley Robin Wesley Polymer/Surfactant Interactions

Left the group in 1998

Ian Weatherhead Ian Weatherhead Siloxane Polymers and Silica

Sian Calpin-Davies Sian Calpin-Davies Three emulsion systems

Jabir Ali Shar Jabir Ali Shar Block Copolymers

Dr Sarah Mears Dr Sarah Mears Sugar rings threaded on polymers at interfaces

Left the group in 1997

Juliet Cox Juliet Cox Neutron Reflectometry Surface Force Apparatus 'NELLI'

Victor Pryamitsyn Victor Pryamitsyn Theory of Polymers

Nick Green Nick Green Polyglycols at Clay Surfaces