Diamond Fibre Reinforced Composites

Textron MMC Ti-alloy metal matrix composite reinforced with diamond-coated Textron (SiC) fibres.
zoom of above Zoom in close up of the above composite.
zoom of above Closer zoom of the above composite.
one fibre in Ti matrix Zoom in to look at one fibre embedded in the Ti-alloy.
Ti MMC Another Ti MMC, this time utilising diamond-coated tungsten wires. The fibres are very uniformly coated, and have been encapsulated into the Ti cleanly. (The 'crater' in the centre of the composite was created during sectioning).
Hollow fibre MMC The world's first Ti MMC made with hollow diamond fibres.
PMMA composite The world's first plastic (PMMA) composite reinforced with about 100 diamond fibres. Actual size is 100x20x5 mm.
Side view of PMC Side view of another PMMA composite, with 2 layers of diamond fibre reinforcement.