Diamond Oddities and Unusual Structures

These images are unusual ones that we have seen over the past few years, normally when trying to grow diamond in a very non-standard way or on a strange substrate. Some of these images were one-offs, i.e. we couldn't reproduce them since the exact deposition conditions were not controlled well enough.

Feather like nano film 'Feather-like' nano-crystalline diamond grown in a methane/Ar plasma.
Electron emission from 100 squares Secondary electron emission from the square (100) surfaces of a film dosed with N2. The (100) squares are shining brightly as they have a high NEA.
edge The edge of a Si substrate showing the diamond growth changing from microcrystalline to nanocrystalline towards the centre of the sample.
Diamond ball An isolated diamond 'ball' made from nanocrystalline diamond with microcrystalline crystallites embeded in it..
Diamond celery Diamond 'celery' structures seen on the substrate surface after homoepitaxial growth by MWCVD.
celery Close up of the diamond 'celery' structures.
Rods Rod-like structures left on a surface after diamond deposition.
broccolli Broccolli-like diamond seen after H etching.
rods Rod-like diamond seen after deposition.
Spiky star Spiky star-like diamond seen after deposition.
spaghetti Nanotubes, microtubes and 'spaghetti' seen after deposition.
plates Carbon plates seen seen after deposition.
plates and rods Carbon plates and rods together.
diamond hairs Diamond grown onto hairs of Ti/Fe that grew out of a lump of Ti/Fe in the HF reactor.
diamond on Al fibres Diamond grown onto alumina fibres. The diamond has grown as crystallites, and aligned platelets.
platelets Close-up of the platelets.
etched A microcrystalline diamond film etched in hydrogen gas.
spheres Nanocrystalline diamond spheres nucleated as isolated islands.
towers Nanocrystalline spheres nucleated or deposited on top of one another to form towers.
towers Carbon nanotubes growing out of the surface of a CVD diamond film after it was etched in hydrogen.

Diamond SEM Art

These are just artistic versions of some of our SEM pictures, made using false colour and image processing.

Carbon Nanoflower CNT spaghetti Nanoball of diamond Diamond nucleating on Ni

Diamond growing on a Ti needle Spiky-flower Rainforest? Diamond 'brain'

March of the Triffids E.Coli on black Si